Code of Ethics and Conduct ​

The main objective of our Code of Ethics and Conduct is to create a reference framework through the establishment of minimum standards that guide our behavior in everything related to the company’s business.

Our values ​​must mark the behavior of our directors, managers and team of employees of the Gea Perona Group. In this way we will fulfill the responsibilities of our positions with maximum commitment, passion, respecting and developing our people, knowing the business and providing solutions that add value to our clients; all of this within an ethical framework that guarantees trust in our Group.

For proper management of this Code, the active involvement of the entire board of directors and management committee of the Gea Perona Group is required. We must understand that inappropriate behavior that violates the ethical rules of our business can very quickly and seriously affect the image and reputation of our company.

Establishing a solid culture of ethics and conduct assumed by the entire organization is the key to avoiding this. Our actions and behaviors must comply with current legislation and regulations, with our Code, our values, our policies and procedures, as well as with the controls established by the Group.

From the board of directors of the Gea Perona Group, we want to transmit to all our employees our firm conviction when it comes to implementing a “zero tolerance” policy for any illegal action or that contravenes what is set forth in this Code, and that we will ensure its correct application. Thinking that you are acting for the benefit of the Group will not justify behavior that violates this Code at any time.

Every employee of the Group must be upright when establishing professional/commercial relationships and these will be based on transparency and ethics. We will act with respect for the environment and the social environment in which we operate, for people and their work, recognizing their value and ensuring the balance between personal and professional lives of our workers. Likewise, we will show professionalism through a proactive attitude in the search for excellence in our work.